Indie-pendence Day…A Celebration of our Indie Authors

As a part of the Indie-Pendence Day Blog I am interviewing the  Kentucky Indie Author Hallee Bridgeman.

Where did the idea for the book/series come from? I heard it went through a big change along the way…but you don’t have to talk about that.

I’m not really a book planner. I get a general idea, kind of like an abstract idea, then I start writing and the story forms. I had a thought of a woman who had to work two jobs to support her family, who was exhausted and angry, but I didn’t know anything about Robin or the story until it unfolded. I really, really, got excited when the plot became clear to me and the story just took off from there.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in 1999. I spent great chunks of time not writing, though. I wrote for a couple of years, then shelved everything and didn’t pick it back up again until 2009.

What other books are in the series?

Emerald Fire is the story of the middle sister, Maxine.
Topaz Heat is the story of the youngest sister, Sarah.

What do you find challenging about writing? What comes easily?

Laying out the bones of the story is easy for me. I write very quickly and can see the scenes in my head. I don’t worry about style or rules, I just write and write and get the story out. The hard part is going back through and fleshing it out, adding better descriptions, more thoughts, more feelings. Because I can see it so clearly in my head, I have a hard time distinguishing what the reader will know, not know, and will assume and tend to put too little rather than too much. This is where my husband is such a great value to me. He helps me edit the work and really makes it shine.

You write romance, where’s the sex! How do you set your guidelines?

We have strict guidelines in our home for our entertainment consumption. One of those is that there cannot be any premarital or extramarital sex (unless it’s historically accurate), nor can there be any gratuitous sex or sexuality (in the case of historic accuracy and/or married sex). Because we don’t consume it, I don’t write it. In my next book, the couple will be married rather early in the story, and they will be very much in love and have a very healthy sex life. The reader will just not be a part of it. That said, reviewers have called scenes with these books as “toe curlers”, so I’ve managed to incorporate the love and longing of romance without crossing any personal boundaries.

How do you classify your books? How does it differ from traditional romance/ Christian romance?

My books are classified as “edgy”, because I tend to write very real stories with real life in them. When the typical “Christian romance” is thought of, it’s very nice, very gentle. My books aren’t typically like that. However, unlike a lot of “edgy” Christian authors, my intent is not to toe any kind of line or even cross a line. If my characters sin, their sins aren’t going to be glorified. But, chances are, readers will be able to relate to them.

Are any of the characters in Sapphire Ice based on you? Who do you most relate to? Robin?

I don’t think so. I’ve never thought of it. I’m not certain any female character I’ve ever written could really be based on me, though I’m sure we all share some elements.

Is your husband really Tony? 😛

How funny you should ask that. I wrote these books a couple of years before I met my husband. But, like I said, he helps me write and he definitely helps me write male point of view and he helped me edit this book. His sister had a hard time getting into this particular book, because she said that Tony was like reading about her little brother. So, it’s likely that a lot of my husband is in Tony, though that wasn’t my intent going into it.

Will we see Derrick again?

Derrick is the hero in book 3

What about Robin’s dad?

Only in a mention in the epilogue.

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