Book Review: The Jade Rabbit (a must read for anyone who is adopted)

ImageThe Jade Rabbit is written from the view of an adult Chinese woman who was abandoned as an infant in China and adopted by an American couple.

I imagine, if I were adopted, I would be able to relate more to the pain this woman experiences.  I can only assume the author was adopted, or at the very least has much experience with the feeling of a person who has been.

The main character, Jan, is a runner…and that I can relate to.  I understood her sometimes crazy thinking when it came to the desire to meet goals…even when her goals were keeping her from something she wanted very badly.

I could also relate to achieving those goals and giving yourself permission to move on to more important things.

The story is detailed, many interesting characters weave their way through the book ultimately coming together nicely in one of the most intense final chapters I have ever read. 

Over all the book is nicely put together, easy to read and entertaining throughout.


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