WARNING: This Animal Lover WILL Mace Your Dog

                      Since I poked my head out of my mom’s lower abdomen (she had a C section) I’ve been an animal lover (read #animal freak). I’ve rescued everything from rabbits to birds to cows to squirrels. Hell I’ve actually successfully resuscitated a chipmunk. Yeah, that’s right, mouth-to-nostril. Don’t judge me.

I’ve dedicated my life to animals (at least my pre-child life). I’ve been a horse trainer and a vet tech and a biomedical scientist working in animal research…so when I tell you I want to mace a dog, don’t go all #PETA on me okay?

Now as you may have figured out, I bike and I run. If you haven’t figured it out, well, welcome to my blog, newbie. I’ve had MANY experiences with animals and no matter how wild, half dead, or frightened those animals are they are nowhere near as dangerous as a #dog.

Even nice dogs are dangerous on a #bike. My new favorite saying is “I love cars that care about bikers, and dogs that don’t”. Just this morning I had the happiest dog in the world frolicking alongside my bike as I booked at 16 miles an hour pace. He was so happy to have a buddy to cruise with. He dodged back and forth in front of my tire with his tongue hanging out looking back at me begging me to play with him. Do you have any idea what happens when you hit a dog going 16 miles an hour? Neither do I. But I can tell you what happens when you hit them going 5 miles an hour up a steep hill…you fall instantly, slam your palm nearly breaking it, and skin one side of your body. And this is from a nice dog (#boxers are the worst…God they are cute!).

Now I don’t blame dogs for wanting to bike with me, I mean hell, I love biking too! And when they fly from their porch, shoot across the road and chase me, blowing hot air on my calf; I understand, I mean, my husband says I have really nice calves.

And when they actually catch my leg, tear it open and leave me no choice but to tell on them, forcing the owners to submit insurance information, sending me to a wound clinic and ultimately with a nasty scar, I still don’t hate them. I don’t think they are vicious, just really into the chase.

But when a dog corners you on a #run, not allowing you to move, jumps in your face and bites at your cloths, not responding to yells, threats, GO HOME!’s, or my favorite: the expendable arm. (This is where you throw a handful of rocks or a stick at them so they think your reach is way beyond your body and tells them to stay away), well, that’s a whole nutha bucket #crawdads my people. (How bout that hashtag!)

So, it’s a pit bull. I am not being doggie racist either, I used to have one and it was the biggest sweet lover in the entire world. It’s a pit bull and it is flat out vicious. And it’s not just that; the owners know he is vicious and they still won’t keep him in their 3 acre fenced yard. Every time he is out and I run by they have to intervene so I can escape. They don’t apologize; they just call him off me and take him inside without a word. Once they asked why I don’t just run a different road. (I love that road, all drippy with gorgeous…and flat)

The last time it happened I called animal control to report the dog. The dog owners told animal control that it wasn’t their dog, that it was actually a stray that people have been having problems with. So they are not only irresponsible pet owners, but they are flat out liars too! Sad, sad, sad.

So, yeah, this animal lover is going to bring mace on her run next time. It’s unfortunate that the dog has to suffer when it is ultimately the owners who are in the wrong. He is simply protecting them, and he gets to hurt for it.

So this brings on my next question: should we be able to neuter irresponsible pet owners?


2 thoughts on “WARNING: This Animal Lover WILL Mace Your Dog

  1. Yes, you should be able to neuter irresponsible pet owners. However, until that becomes legal I will continue to carry a can of Halt! (same stuff your Postal Worker carries) with me when in cycle through areas with roaming dogs and their irresponsible owners.

    • It’s a scary ballance, not sure I can mace and ride at the same time…especially going up a steep hill like I would have to with this dog. Thanks for commenting and reading my blog. You are a serious biker, I like that!

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