My Special Gift

You may think that as a self-proclaimed running guru, running is my gift.  Or maybe, as a tri-athlete, I’m a gifted swimmer or cyclist.  In reality, I am above average at all those sports, but not really, really good at any of them.  Any above-averageness that I have for sports is purely because I train hard and has nothing to do with being gifted.

I’m good at a lot of things, I admit it.  But I don’t think you can call me gifted at anything.  Well, except one little thing.  I can pour a beer.

Brief background: If you read the post about Martha VS. The Dog, you probably know I am the founder of a run club.  We were called The Georgetown Run Club but over the last five years we have evolved into The Georgetown Run/Walk Club and Intellectual Society.  🙂

As a run club, running is an option.  But showing up for dinner and beer is a requirement.  See, I love beer, and so does my run club.  I like beer SO much that I want to have more than one man-gantic beer with dinner, but I don’t want two (that would just be excessive).  That’s when my buddy Hal comes in, he has the same desire for beer.  So we split our second beer every week, taking turns paying for it.  It’s my job to do the pouring.

As the above picture shows, I can pour a beer within a millimeter of being perfectly in half (and leave people in such awe that their mouth hangs open).  And there is no pouring back and forth, no add a little then a little more.  It is a straight up pour and set ’em down.  And this is what happens…every week.

I’m taking a bow now.

Stay tuned for my next blog post when I talk about why I love Dick.

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7 thoughts on “My Special Gift

    • We would love to have you Kathy! Come on out.

      Author of: The Running Suspense Series “Out and Back” (A Novel)

      newspaper bundle (a free download) (Newspaper columns from 2011-2012)


  1. I stopped running 5 years ago but maybe I would still be at it if I’d been in your club. Beer goes a long way in re-hydrating.
    if anyone is bold enough to challenge your eye for equality, here’s a tip. Agree to have them pour next time with the understanding you have first choice of the glasses.

    • There are fun run clubs everywhere, you may get lucky and have one in your town. I hope so. I love my club and wish everyone had one just like it. Thanks for the tip on the challenge. I’ll offer it up next week. If you want a good challenge, read todays post. I challenge you do be a Dick:)

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