Grandpa’s Man Panties


Grandp'a Man Panties

Grandp’a Man Panties

I love my inlaws. Whenever my stepfather-in-law receives clothing he doesn’t like, he passes them off to my husband, Danny. A couple years ago he gave Danny some man panties. Since my husband wears boxer-briefs, he put them in the back of his closet and never wore them. Maybe he planned to regift them, who knows? The only time I have seen them since the day he received them, was when he brought them out for ME to wear when I was complaining about not having any clean underwear.

I would have wore them but I couldn’t get over the extra pouch in the front.

Anyway, Danny is pretty new to running. This is his first winter. He manages to go running with me once or twice a week, focusing most of his time on the gym and weights.

Running with tights has been a new, unforseen challange for him. The first time he ran in tights, he ran without underwear. This was not a good idea, giggly bits were wondering and causing much distraction. I don’t suggest it.

The next few times he just wore his boxer briefs under the tights. I didn’t hear any complaints out of him and assumed he was happy with that set-up. So you can imagine my surprise when he came out of the bedroom this morning wearing grandpa’s man panties under his running tights.

“Why are you wearing man panties?” I say with an awkward glance.

“Because I don’t like the line the boxer brief leaves on my thigh.” He says matter-of-factly. “These don’t leave a line.”

“No, they don’t leave a line…on your thigh.” I say glancing at his ass.


11 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Man Panties

    • Yes, he is a good man:)

      Author of:   The Running Suspense Series   “Out and Back”  (A Novel)

      newspaper bundle (a free download)  (Newspaper columns from 2011-2012)


  1. “I know I promised you more Dick, and I swear he’s coming soon. But I really needed to get this off my chest.” Considering the subject matter, this sentence is disturbing… 😉

    • If you read my last blog “It’s time to choose your 70!” then you would know that I was being raunchy in that sentence on purpose:) Thanks for noticing Dabi, I was hoping people would catch it.

  2. I should know better than to sneak-read your writing while at work. I laughed out loud & of course boss wanted to know why. 🙂
    Susan Kaiser

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