Dick’s Running Man-Panty

My run club meets every Tuesday evening for a run, dinner and beer. Dick (see: It’s Time to Choose Your 70!), is a long-time member of my run club.

I was just sitting down at the Run Club table at Mi Casita’s Mexican Restaurant after a chilly 37 degree (Fahrenheit) run with the club when I looked up to see Dick flashing me his underwear.

Dick's panties (Not bad for being 69, eh?)

As it turns out, Dick has been following my blog and read the recent post “Grandpa’s Man Panties”. He felt the need to one-up Danny’s cotton, man-panty. Yes.

Amazingly, after knowing Dick for 5 years, I still learn something from him every week. As it turns out, they (the running powers that be) actually make running panties! I mean, I know about the running gloves, hats, tights, shorts, compression socks, shorts with built-in panties, tops with built-in bras…but a Running Panty? and they’re wind resistant, no doubt.

It shouldn’t surprise me, after a 50 year running career, Dick know’s a lot about cool running gadgets. Dick claims these running panties are a must-have item for the male runner(Christmas gift for your favorite running man?). They’re not only ‘supportive’ but they help prevent frostbite.

So here I am today, trying unsuccessfully to find a pair of running man-panties just like the one’s Dick flashed me. Google has failed repeatedly to provide me of the image I saw. The photo above just doesn’t do them justice. I really wanted to post a picture, possible with a link, of his Running Man-Panty.

As it turns out, I had to google, ‘mens black vinyl underwear’ in order to provide you with a good picture (and I highly recommend you do the same).

black undies

Dick claims you can buy running man-panties at any running store. I’m sure you can, when I did the original search I came up with all kinds of running ‘briefs’ (North Face even makes one…how fitting), but not a single running man-panty.

We won’t be meeting next Tuesday for our usual run since it’s Christmas, but I assure you I will get to the bottom of Dick’s little Running Man-Panty mystery. I intended to provide you with a link to his ‘Running Man-Panty’…and I will.

#running #clothes #panties #christmasn #beer #Dick 🙂

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