The Running Suspense Continues (giveaway too)

(Giveaway info is at the bottom of this blog post)

WARNING: This is a self-fulfilling, review seeking, book endorsing and completely self-indulgent blog post.

I have finally finished and published the latest story in The Running #Suspense collection. All the stories in the collection are short stories approximately 10,000 words/ 43 pages long, and they are all stand-alone books. Each story’s main character is a #runner. In this latest book, Rick is the husband of an ultra-distance runner who is training for The Southern States. He runs too, but mostly just to support her.

It is the lessons that I learned while revising and editing this story that caused me to go back and revise ALL of the stories in the collection. It is this revision process that delayed the publication of this story. I hope it is worth the wait. Please check it out.


Reservoir Run

Alison lays unconscious in a hospital bed after a long-distance training run leaves her half-dead at the bottom of a deep ravine. While Rick is a faithful husband, Alison gave him many reasons to attempt to kill her. The question of who tried to kill Alison hangs in the air while Rick waits impatiently for her to awake and assure him he’s innocent.

#Giveaway info:

Okay, here’s the deal. I love people who take the time to write reviews…even when they don’t give me five stars. In appreciation, I give copies of other books. If you have read and reviewed any of my previous books (even if you got it free), just let me know and I will gift you a copy of this new book.

It’s not too late. If you have read a book and not yet reviewed it, just go and review it now, I’ll still gift you a free copy. And no, you don’t have to give the books 5 stars. Even if you give them 1 star and tell me I have no business writing, I’ll still keep my promise. I may not like you much, but I will still try to redeem myself and win you over with my latest book.

To make your life easier, I am attaching the links to my other books, that way if you want to review it all you have to do is hit the link, and click on ‘review this item’. Simple.

The Run
Falcon Point
The Other Way
The Rescue
Out and Back

Thanks for taking the time to read this self-fulfilling, review seeking, book endorsing and completely self-indulgent blog post. I’ll be back with more Dick in no time.

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