Why I’m such a FREAK when it comes to GMO’s

gmo dog

If you’ve been following me on twitter lately, you may have noticed my focus going from running to running my mouth off against GMO’s.  It has upset some twipsters, but only 2 of the 60,000 I have following me have truly bumped heads with me on it.

In the following blog I am simply going to tell my story, and maybe rattle off just a few tidbits of information available on the subject.  If you are so inclined, you can seek more information on your own.  I’ve put links throughout this blog that will take you to places to learn the truth about GMOs.  And in the end, you can draw your own conclusion.

The Earth Open Source

I have a Masters degree in Veterinary Science. During my years working on that degree I had the honor of working with some amazing scientists.  Like many students, I was disillusioned into thinking that most research had the sole purpose of discovery, cures and evolving science. Along the way, and while working after receiving my degree I became aware that it is not.  Research is more about keeping students and post-docs employed and making the givers of grant money happy.


At most facilities that do scientific research, especially universities, PhD’s seek grant money from places like pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  That money is used to perform research on things like new drugs, vaccines, and so on.  But more than anything, that research money keeps labs going.  It pays for the lab techs, the grad student’s stipends, and the post-doc’s pay.  Without that money, people lose their jobs.  Many labs are run solely on grant money.

Exposing the Truth

You learn very quickly that you better come up with the results the company providing the funding wants, or they may take their business elsewhere.  That is all I’m going to say about that.  And by the way, it was while working in an immunology lab that I made the decision NOT to continue vaccinating my children.

The NonGMO project

I left research to raise my kids.  I simply could not work in a field doing research I didn’t agree with.

GMO Awareness + short video

Fast forward almost 10 years. I am a mother. I am an avid reader of all things related to nutrition, fitness, health, medicine, science and running.  I am a self proclaimed nutrition guru. My brain is packed full of alternative and non-alternative medicine, and can tell you what to do for your IT band injury.  But along the way, I learned about the corruption of our food.  It is nearly impossible to investigate nutrition without finding yourself on the dirty path that our food has taken to the modern day.

As a person who has first hand experience working in research, I do not bat an eye when I am told things like “Monsanto didn’t allow it to be published.” or “He lost his job because he tried to publish his research.”

gmo-map GMO food banned

Everyone says, “Show me the peer reviewed research!” or “The FDA says there is no difference between natural crops and GMO crops.” But they are so misinformed.

GMO sick pig stomach

10 Reasons to avoid GMOs

Monsanto has spent millions of dollars educating the public about how safe their products are.  They have millions to do just that.  The small groups of scientists and citizens who know better don’t have millions to counter those commercials.

GMO monsanto

And as far as the research, well, thanks to the FDA, GMO’s don’t have to be tested for safety.  Our FDA is a messed up and overworked agency. They don’t have time to test every new product on the market.  If a company believes that their new product is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), they don’t need to test it.  If you want to create your own GMO product, you can put it on the market with no testing tomorrow.


Yes, Monsanto has paid for some testing. The studies were crap, they’ve ‘proven’ GMO’s are safe, big surprise. And they will stand behind those crappy experiments until the dead cows they killed come home.  Independent scientists and countries where it is banned have done research that proves otherwise. But I don’t need testing to know GMO’s are bad.

GMO dead-animalSeeing reports that entire herds of animals died after eating GMO cotton stocks–that’s telling.  Seeing the results of studies where mice die at twice the rate when fed GMO feed as compared to their control mice eating non-GMO– that’s telling.  The fact that wild animals won’t eat GMO crops…that says a lot.  And the fact that cows, squirrels, pigs, sheep, bison and rats will choose natural over GMO feed when offered both, that speaks volumes to me.  I can do that very experiment in my own back yard, and see the proof.

GMO illnessThere are a slew of illnesses out there that are believed to be linked to GMO’s. Allergies, stomach issues, reproductive issues and developmental issues to name a few.

GMO’s do not help farmers, they are not going to end world hunger and are not good for the planet (ask the 60% of butterflies that die when their milkweed is exposed to GMO pollen). They increase the amount of pesticide needed, they don’t increase yield potential but reduce it over time, they create super-weeds that are resistant to herbicide, they can cause health issues and are less nutritious than natural foods (all information and scientific documentation can be found in the links provided).

I can go on and on…

But above all, I strive to feed my children the very best, least toxic food I can find.  And I am trying to support all actions that make our planet a better place for them to live.  That said, I don’t feed GMO’s to my children.  I buy organics, because that is the only way to know the food is GMO free and I fight for the labeling of GMOs.


If you want to know more, check out some of my links. I also suggest watching the movie, Genetic Roulette , The World According to Monsanto, Food inc. or if you are into reading, these books are extremely informative and site the research all those people beg for: Seeds of Deception, The World According to Monsanto,  The Unhealthy Truth, One Mother’s Shocking Investigation Into America’s Food Supply–And What Every Family Can do to Protect Themselves, (all of these links go to Amazon, not because they pay me…I wish, but because you can see the reviews and read the back cover).

And by the way, being GMO free makes me run faster! When you are healthy, you really do run faster:)



13 thoughts on “Why I’m such a FREAK when it comes to GMO’s

  1. This is great! People think that I’m extreme, buy I’ve always tried to feed my son an organic diet. I haven’t always been able to do so, and when he’s with others I have no control of it, but in MY home I want to give him the best. It’s not always possible and, in some areas, it’s more expensive, but I think it’s worth it. I also stopped vaccinating my son and had to switch physicians soon after. I appreciate your well-rounded blog about this issue. I do not believe that I’m a fanatic, I just think that my family’s health is important. Please keep up the good work.

    • Thank you. I hear you and know exactly what you mean. Every little bit helps. And speaking out encourages others to look into it for themselves.
      Thanks for commenting. When i am in a situation with other moms and my children are offered food,I usually decline and explain why if they ask. Sometimes its hard to stay strong and stand your ground.

  2. You still have a lot to learn about GMOS.
    You’re right about a lot, but you aren’t GMO free.
    Labels do not stop GMO contamination. Organics are regularly tainted with GMOS, studies show. Try a web search about GMO contamination. Heck even look at the published labeling guidelines for NONGMO Project, there are ridiculously huge loopholes — tests once a year, allowable contamination levels — need I go on?
    MOREOVER, GMOs are in the air via pollen, the water via bacteria, clothing, personal products, gasoline, and more.
    Thinking you are GMO free by buying food products labeled GMO FREE is a dangerously ignorant attitude to have and to spread.

    • Thank you for the comment and bringing up the really ugly side of GMOs. You are correct, I’m far from GMO free. That is also why I’d like to see GMOs be banned throughout the world. I know its too late for GMO free, but maybe we could reduce the longterm damage.

  3. I have a friend in England and they look at us and think we are a laughing stock because so many can’t be bothered, because we have become complacent and used to having anything we want to eat and not look at what’s inside it. When everyone wakes up and realizes we’ve been eating bug spray for years and it’s in EVERYTHING, boy are they going to feel foolish and angry. I am.

  4. Only those unaware of the results and widespread use of GMO’s could possibly have anything to say. As more and more people become aware of the study results coming in they will not only be looking for any and all information they can find, but they will be angry that they are giving them to us, our children, and our pets. They are going to ruin the environment and the ecological balance for generations to come. We have to stop buying their products and boycott companies who do not seem to care about us.

  5. As someone involved in production agriculture for all my life, I have what I would call an informed opinion. I take up issue that GMOs do not help farmers. They absolutely do help farmers, by allowing them to grow more acreage and use less inputs, and less chemicals overall. And the family farm that everyone wants to save will use GMO crops 75% of the time. And what about the carbon trade off? The fact that by using GMOs, producers can take less trips and spend less time running machinery, resulting in millions of tons less of carbon put into the air. So do you prefer world wide air pollution or localized GMO “pollution”. And why is Monsanto always singled out? There are dozens of chemical companies making these products. Is it just because Dow makes a great casserole dish that everyone forgets their huge agri-chemical division?
    Certainly, you and many others have made up your minds and I won’t change them. I find it interesting that the anti Monsanto/ GMO crowd is the most unwilling to listen to anyone who might have something different to say.

    • Hi john. I was wondering how long it would take for someone on the opposition to respond. I approved your comment because I approve all comments and also because you bring up the most common arguments. These arguments are well founded but they are also based on an uninformed platform.

      My focus in Vet Science was genetics, and I like you, felt like I was making an informed decision when I initially thought GMOs were good for farmers and the environment. I even thought the science was harmless. However,as i researched the situation further I changed my mind.

      I know now that in the long run it costs farmers much more money. 26 weeds are resistant to round-up. The environment suffers irreversible effects and soil is completely degraded. Insects and especially bees and butterflies suffer putting our food at extreme risk. Dumping roundup on roundup resistant crops is not good for the environment. They are not using less chemicals. A matter of fact, since weeds are becoming resistant they are having to formulate more and more toxic chemicals. Agent orange may be reintroduced as a weed killer.

      We are in a situation where the real answer will be found in a highly educated farmer who utilizes crop rotation and sustainable organic farming to supply the masses. Sound impossible? Of course it does. But its not. Its done all over the world successfully and even here on a smaller model.

      Monsanto gets the bulk of the rap because of their long history of corruption from agent orange to PCBs to buying votes and threatening scientists. They are the company that would suffer most if we actually win the fight to know what’s in our food. Because the fact is, if our food was labeled GMO, about 80% of us wouldn’t buy it.

      I could go on but I will give you a chance to respond. Thanks again john.

  6. A friend of mine, who is a science teacher, posted this last night as a ‘Good read.’ This is a person that I respect and have great admiration for so I read the blog, written by someone who has worked in the medical industry and has solid debate skills, or at least the ability to apply debate principals effectively enough to seemingly take down every reason not to believe in the ‘overwhelming amount of good science behind GMOs.’ I was hoping there was someone here that was capable of picking this apart and countering it because so far, all I’ve found is personal anecdotes and ‘my word:your word’ that doesn’t show any peer reviewed backup or validation.
    (And for the record, I’m not pro-GMO.)

    • Hi Angela. Thanks for the comment. I tried to make it clear in the post that I wouldn’t be citing research but rather giving links and reading recommendations where the research can be found. There is an abundance of good solid research out there along with articles written on the topic. I felt it was more import and to touch on the facts and encourage readers to look deeper for themselves. I try to keep my posts under 1000 words.

      I hope people do debate a little here. I love and encourage it.

      BTW, if you would like me to site any one claim I would be happy to.

      Thanks again for commenting. I hope it spurs some responses.

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